Upcoming Meetings

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Francine Busby (Chair Emeritus of the San Diego Democratic Party) will speak on the Election Results. Terra Lawson-Remer (Flip the 49th Co-Leader) will speak on how we changed this district through a combined effort of many activist groups, and what’s next for North County.

All meetings are from 12.30 to 2.30 p.m. at the Dove library in Carlsbad

Meeting October 6

Our speaker in October was Kathy Cruz, Senior Advisor to the State of California’s Chief Information Security Officer, who presented on “Cyber Security Issues Around Elections.”

Meeting September 8

Our guest speaker, Dr Tom Wong, Associate Professor of Political Science at UCSD, provided an insightful presentation on “How do we increase Democratic voter turnout in November?” This included insights from data that will be critical to Democratic success, such as targeting low propensity voters. Local candidates also introduced themselves.


Meeting August 4

Howard Wayne, co-chair and founding board member of the San Diego Lawyer Chapter of the American Constitution Society, spoke on ” How Trump is Weaponizing the Courts with Judicial Picks that will Harm America for the Next 40 Years.” Ammar Campar-Najjar, who is running in the 50th district to unseat Duncan Hunger, introduced himself and took questions.

Meet and Greet July 28

Picnic with Carlsbad City Candidates – Cori Schumacher for Mayor, Priya Bhat-Patel for District 3, Linda Breen and Barbara Hamilton

Meeting July 14

Great presentation by Carmen Chavez, Executive Director of Casa Cornelia Legal Center, on “Immigration and the Devastating Impact of the Recent Changes Imposed by the Trump Administration.” They are doing great work for immigrant families. Also, Stephen Groce, Chair of the San Diego Human Relations Commission, talked about their efforts and local candidates introduced themselves to our group.

Meeting June 2

The Encinitas and North Coast Democratic Club’s meeting featured John Mattes, an investigative journalist who has won 5 Emmys and other awards for exposing fraud and corruption in government. He spoke on “How Russian Bots Influenced the 2016 General Election.” Local candidates also gave an update on their campaigns.

May 5 Meeting

Speakers included Nikki Faddick from Moms Demand Action, Steve Bartram from the Brady Campaign, and High School Students Advocating for Gun Control and Gun Violence Prevention. In addition, Stephanie Corkran from the SanDiego350 Public Policy Team spoke on fighting climate change through opposition of the SDG&E pipeline and Regionalization (AB 813).

Dave Myers, candidate for San Diego County Sheriff, and Marggie Castellano, candidate for State Senate from the 36th District, spoke regarding their campaigns. Jim McCord from the California Clean Money Campaign spoke about dark money involved in campaign’s issues. Narima Lopes as President and Mary Meyers as Treasurer were affirmed by the Club.

April 7 Meeting

Our featured speakers were leading Democratic lawmakers in Encinitas and Carlsbad who filled us in on local priorities and opportunities to get involved. Speakers included Encinitas Mayor Catherine Blakespear and Carlsbad City Councilmember Cori Schumacher, presenting: “Creating a better world through local leadership.” The membership also voted to endorse Matt Brower for San Diego County Superior Court Judge.

March 10 Meeting

In this meeting, the AD76 candidates responded to a wide range of questions from the attendees ranging from gun violence prevention to nuclear waste to the gas tax. Announcements regarding GO Team training, voter registration, and the importance of the midterm election were made. The petition to move County races to the November Ballot in order to attract more DEMS to vote was made available.

February 3 Meeting

Scott Peters, Representative from the 52nd Congressional District, spoke on “Democrats in Congress:  Challenges and Opportunities for 2018.” Francine Busby, Fundraising Chair and former Chair of the San Diego Democratic Party, presented “Local Politics” and there was District and County Candidate introductions. At this meeting, we also received membership approval for our revised bylaws.

November 4 Meeting

Our last meeting on November 4 included guest speaker Nora Vargas, VP of Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest, speaking on “Women in Trump era: Challenges and Responses in Local Politics.” It was followed by introductions by local and county Democratic candidates.

October 7 Meeting

The Oct. 7 meeting was a candidates forum, with 3 candidates running against Darrell Issa in the 49th congressional district: Paul Kerr, Mike Levin and Doug Applegate. The candidates covered a variety of topics, from health care to immigration reform and economic growth.

September 9 Meeting

The Sept. 9 meeting of the Encinitas and North Coast Democratic Club was held at the Encinitas Library. Speakers included Encinitas mayor Catherine Blakespear, Carlsbad city council member Cori Schumacher, and Tammy Gilles, Regional Director of the Anti-Defamation League, who presented on “Confronting the Re-Emergence of White Supremacists in Modern America.” In addition, candidates Paul Kerr (49th district Congressional seat) and Michelle Cassel-Gomez (AD 76) introduced themselves to the Club.

August 12 Meeting

At our 8/12 meeting, Deborah Cunningham-Skurnik, Director for District 8, spoke regarding “Club Delegates and Pre-Endorsing Conference.” Tasha Boerner-Horvath, Encinitas City Council member, spoke about proposed AB 805, the Transportation Agency Bill. Following Ms. Boerner-Horvath’s presentation, AB 805 was endorsed by the Club. Next, several candidates spoke, including Joe Mosca, current member of the Encinitas City Council, Elizabeth Warren, who is running for the California State Assembly representing District 76, and Klement Tinaj, candidate for governor of California. Bill Kuhn then provided an overview on Neighborhood In Action Training to Flip Congressional District 49.

July 8 Meeting

At our July meeting, we heard from California State Senator Toni Atkins and  Janet Meredith. They gave presentations and discussed health policy work and SB 562, California’s Single Payer bill.


June 3 Meeting

Guest Speaker Nicole Capretz’s (President of the Climate Action Campaign) presented: “Why local action is key to solving climate crisis- and why that’s a good thing.” Jessica Hayes (County Chair of the Democratic Party) spoke about the state of the local party and plans for the 2018 elections. Harold Standerfer spoke on the Community Choice Energy.



May 6 Meeting

Our meeting on May 6 at the Encinitas Library included Guest Speaker is Alex Landon (Criminal Defense Attorney) who presented on “Know Your Rights when Protesting.” Mike Levin (Candidate for Congress in the 49th District against Issa) introduced himself and discussed the upcoming election.





April 1 Meeting

Our meeting on April 1 was held at the Encinitas Library from 12:30 to 2:30 p.m.  Dr. Milton Saier spoke on “Rationalism, the Environment and Women’s Liberation in an Era of Fascism.” Dr. Joel Martin did a presentation on “How to Position and Write Letters to the Editor.”





March 4 Meeting

Francine Busby provided 1) An overview of the San Diego County Democratic Party and 2) Grassroots Organizing: forming and running an indivisible group and such a meeting and taking action via the group. 3) She also referred to the Spokes Council, a “hub of a wheel” for all the different resistance organizing entities in North County (and anywhere in SD). Sheryl Brown, Coordinator of the Independent grassroots groups that have organized in the 49th  and 50th CD, described the success with her indivisible group. It was a excellent real life example of post election resistance. Sheryl now has about 900 members in her group. Here is a link to Francine’s presentation: SDCDP_2017_Combined Party_Indivisible





February 4 Meeting

We had standing room only at Feb. 4 meeting, which was an important one regarding the future of the Democratic Party. Please check our “Get Involved” page for ways you can take action.

Chair Emeritus, San Diego County Democratic Party; Member, Democratic National Committee and Francine Busby, Chair Emeritus of the San Diego County Democratic Party, gave presentations on Our Role as Opposition Party – The DNC & Democrats in 2017 and Beyond.





November 19 Meeting

In our meeting on November 19 we discussed the results of the election and next steps. In addition, Lisa Klinger and Lynn Calkins spoke about the “California End of Life Action Act.”





October 15 Meeting

Our meeting on October 15 included guest speaker was Dr. Andrew Blum, Executive Director, Institute for Peace and Justice at USD. Dr. Blum spoke about “Countering Violent Extremism – Globally, Nationally, and Locally.” In 2016, Dr. Blum led efforts to establish RESOLVE (Researching Solutions to Violent Extremism), a global network of researchers focused on identifying effective strategies.

September 24 Meeting

Our general meeting was held on September 24th at the Encinitas Library. Our guest speaker, Dr. Del Dickson, spoke on “The Second Amendment and How the NFA Re-Wrote it to Suit Itself.” Dave Roberts, running for County Supervisor, and Douglas Applegate, running for Congress, provided updates on their campaigns. Various local candidates gave presentations.





August 20th Meeting

Our general meeting was held on August 20 at the Encinitas Library. Francine Busby shared her experiences as a delegate to the Democratic Convention. Our guest speaker, Dr. Faroukh Al-Nasser, spoke on the “Iraq Crisis and ISIS.”





June 23rd Meeting

At the July 23 meeting at the Encinitas library, we heard from several Democrats running for local offices. Our Guest Speaker, Dr Sunita Cooke, President of Mira Costa College spoke on MiraCosta College: “Serving the Needs of the 21st Century Student.” Jim McCord spoke about the “California Clean Money Campaign.”









June 18th Inaugural Meeting

Our inaugural meeting included San Diego Union-Tribune history quizmaster and language columnist RICHARD LEDERER, who offered a treasury of insights into the feats, fates, families, foibles, and firsts of our American presidents.